Gemleys Jewellery – Sales Agents

    Brand Bio
    Our company Gemleys Jewellery started off in the heart of a small village in England. We find all aspects of Nature fascinating, be it a buzzing bumble bee taking nectar from a flower, or fluttering butterflies, or birds perched on tree branches. Gemleys Jewellery creates unusual pieces of jewellery that encapsulate such memories associated with love & nature; we now share these magical memories with the rest of the world by providing these little treasured memories in forms of jewellery to hold magical moments forever.

    Job Description
    Gemleys Jewellery has over 100 stockists around the UK and wants to expand their brand further, we are looking for sales agents that share our passion and work ethic.
    We are looking for well experienced and connected sales agents, to sell their jewellery to department stores, retail stores, independent boutiques etc.
    Will need to be able to gain new leads and network across the retail industry.

    Please contact Gemma at [email protected] to apply

    Salary/Commision: TBN

    Job structure: Mostly self managed and weekly meetings with our team.

    Please mention Fashion and Beauty Insight when applying for this position.

    EXPIRES: 6 May 2016