AD Publicity handles Dr. Alkaitis

    AD Publicity has been appointed to handle Dr. Alkaitis Raw Holistic Organic Skin Food. Skincare expert Dr. Saulius Alkaitis has combined his mastery of chemistry and molecular biology (Ph.D. and BSc) with in-depth studies in pharmacognosy and ethnopharmacology to create the purest and most bio-active skincare on the planet. Dr. Alkaitis organic skincare is highly active and deeply therapeutic, featuring a unique intermingling of adaptogenic ingredients in signature complexes, that cleverly adapt to your skin’s needs on a cellular level. They help to regulate inflammation, support cell renewal and bring skin into its optimal balance whatever your age, skin type or skin concern. Dr. Alkaitis only formulates with organic, biodynamic or wild-crafted herbs, plants, seeds, sea vegetables and oils in their raw state, using the whole plant; root, stem, leaf and flower, to harness their full therapeutic potential. He uses sophisticated extraction techniques in which no ingredient is ever heated above body temperature enabling his signature herbal complexes to retain their active nutrients. All the ingredients found in the products are sourced from the world’s most pristine places, in other words, from areas where there is little or no pollution, where people and animals are treated well, but also where the soil composition is healthy. From the Canadian prairies, to the Amazon jungles, to the Himalayan mountains, to the forests of Madagascar, Dr. Alkaitis personally knows and trusts the growers and wildcrafters that supply his ingredients. He has developed these relationships over decades of professional and personal interaction and closely monitors the quality of their practices and procedures, a process he refers to as ‘Boutique Agriculture’.


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