Aisle 8 handles Elemental Herbology

    Aisle 8, the communications agency founded by Lauren Stevenson & Virginia Norris, has been appointed to handle the communications for the award-winning, British plant-based skincare range, Elemental Herbology. Founded in 2008, Elemental Herbology sources the highest quality of natural ingredients and combines them with the latest technologies and five element theory to bring you the ultimate skin nutrition. Taking inspiration from traditional Chinese medicine, Elemental Herbology believes that the balance of all the elements is needed depending on your skin type, environmental factors, lifestyle and the seasons which is why its product range is dedicated to the five elements; wood, fire, earth and water. Elemental Herbology is 100% free from synthetic fragrance, artificial colour, SLS, paraben preservatives and mineral oils to ensure skin is cared for from the inside out and its unique formulations counteract the skin’s damaging effects of ageing, lifestyle and the environment, giving you instant, long-lasting results. Aisle 8 will manage all brand, product and editorial requests, liaising with its luxury spa partners and new product launches.


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