CHRŌM Toothpolish appoints PR

    Melody Joy Public Relations has been appointed to handle PR activity for CHRŌM Toothpolish. Developed by dentists, CHRŌM Toothpolish is the only fashion tooth polish on the market that lets you match your smile to your makeup for the day. CHRŌM’s patented polish comes in a variety of shades and styles to paint one, two, or all of your teeth at a time! Whether you’re looking for an instant pearly white glow-up, a grille, or a fashionable gap tooth, CHRŌM has a polish that promises semi-permanent style for up to 24 hours of wear. CHRŌM’s game-changing teeth makeup can be painted on and chipped off in a matter of seconds for ease of use and versatility, and its flavor-free formula makes it ideal for any occasion. All CHRŌM Toothpolish is non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free, safe to use on teeth and dental work, and safe for all ages.


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