Citroën creates limited edition fashion line to mark the 50th birthday of GS

    Citroën has announced the creation of a limited edition fashion line to mark the 50th birthday of GS. Citroën has created a limited edition collection of textiles for the beach, pool and spa to mark the 50th anniversary of the iconic Citroën GS. The collection has been designed in collaboration with Boutique Les Bains, the high-end design house and boutique within the iconic French nightlife institution Les Bains, in the heart of Paris. Featuring the same colours and patterns used on the interior of the recently unveiled show car CitroënGS by Tristan Auer for Les Bains, the fashion line is offered as a complete collection including five individual pieces – men’s and women’s t-shirts, a bath towel, men’s swimwear and a backpack. The men’s and women’s t-shirts and the bath towel are made from 100% Ecru cotton, reflecting the comfort and unique design found right across Citroën’s current vehicle line-up. The GS50 fashion collection is available to purchase online from the Citroën Lifestyle Boutique.


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