Dr Gabriela Mercik launches debut skincare regime

    Dr Gabriela Mercik has announced the launch of her molecular based facial skincare regime. Created after years of advanced scientific research, the Advanced Molecular Face Mask and Magic Beauty Face Lift Serum have been formulated using Dr Gabriela’s Molecular Care system. Anti-ageing and formulated with anti-oxidants, the serum and mask’s unique properties are designed to intensively moisturise, hydrate and replenish skin leaving it looking plumper, younger and fresher. Magic Beauty Face Lift Serum (£120) contains two forms of hyaluronic acid, enriched in molecular water to ensure maximum absorption into the skin, designed to protect skin against ageing and leave it feeling smooth, supple and hydrated; and Advanced Molecular Face Mask (£82.50), a silk protein-based mask, infused with botanical stem cells, formulated to halt signs of ageing, hydrate and even skin tone.



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