Embroidery by FJ to debut on the runway at Mini Mode

    Cara Delahoyde-Massey and mother of one Amy Ashton have announced that their new childrenswear brand Embroidery by FJ will debut on the runway at Mini Mode – Global Kids Fashion Week during London Fashion Week this Friday 14th February 2020 at the exclusive St Mary’s venue in Central London. The creative mumpreneurs co-founded Embroidery by FJ, following the birth of their son’s Fred and Joey. As new mums they loved spending time with their boys and watching them grow. When it came to buying kids clothing, they found it difficult to find unique pieces at reasonable prices to suit their taste on the high street and soon realised that a lot of other mums felt the same. This inspired them to create Embroidery by FJ, named after their much-loved sons Fred and Joey, with the mission to provide unique, quality items that you can personalise for the little man or lady in your life, without breaking the bank.


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