Gizelle Renee and Automobili Lamborghini launch exclusive collaboration

    British Glover of the Year, Gizelle Renee, has announced the launch of an exclusive collaboration with the luxury super sports car manufacturer Automobili Lamborghini. Recognised as the UK’s most innovative glove brand, Gizelle Renee offers the perfect combination of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design.  In partnership with Automobili Lamborghini, Gizelle Renee has created an exclusive collection of six different designs, which in keeping with the bespoke, pioneering and disruptive Automobili Lamborghini sensibility, are offered in a variety of colourway options, so customers can choose a glove that truly captures their imagination.

    Hand-made using the finest Nappa leather and materials, the gloves are a true homage to the innovative super sports car design and a proud interpretation of the iconic brand heritage, with contrasting colours to add energy, visionary design features such as cuts from the car interior, embellished with the carbon fibre used in the body of the super sports car, with strategically placed Batwing fastener to make it clear it is a Automobili Lamborghini glove, even from afar.  Available from September 2019,  waiting list from February 2019, retail prices start at €165/ £145.

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