GOSH COPENHAGEN launches Under Eye Primer

    GOSH COPENHAGEN has announced the launch of its Under Eye Primer. This unique Under Eye Primer enhances any skin tone with a healthy, even-toned glow offering a chameleon effect. The cooling & anti-wrinkle Under Eye Primer preps the skin for a smooth makeup application. The primer consists of a carefully selected composition of Frescolat X-Cool, that triggers an instant and long-lasting cooling sensation associated with vitality and Hyaluronic Filling Spheres, that smooths deep wrinkles and gives intense moisture to the skin. To enhance the elasticity and firmness of the skin, the primer contains GATULINE® IN-TENSE an extremely rapid and effective ingredient. Its action on the supporting tissue rapidly reorganises collagen fibers and visibly smoothes the skin. GATULINE® IN-TENSE helps to fade out all wrinkles and reduces the most obvious sign of ageing, the creased appearance of the skin. Available in 001 Chameleon with an estimated retail price of £9.99. Available from 17 July onwards.


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