GUESS unveils new flagship store in Amsterdam

    On June 28, 2019, GUESS unveiled a new flagship store in the Netherlands. Located in the city centre on the prestigious Kalverstratt high street, in Amsterdam, this popular shopping mecca is one of the busiest and most expensive per square-metre in the country. And, with its vast selection of big-name brands, restaurants, clubs, excellent tram connections and a footfall of approximately 8.000 residents and tourists per hour, it is a highly strategic location for GUESS’ expansion plans in Northern Europe. Inspired by Abstract art and the Spatialism movement, the newly-launched store combines a rich yet essential contrast of textured, geometric wall features, weave-design flooring, lacquered wall panels, titanium inserts and minimal modular fixtures that give enhanced visibility to the collection and a bright, airy feel to the entire store. Meanwhile, an updated accessories corner and increased wall space for showcasing GUESS merchandising and imagery, provides shoppers with a more immersive and intuitive browsing experience. GUESS’ retail portfolio in the Netherlands currently stands at 9 stores and 4 outlets, with another outlet due to launch in 2020. The new GUESS flagship store concept, which was debuted in May 2019, is part of a worldwide restyling programme that will be rolled out to other major retail assets over the coming year.


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