INNOVO treatment launches at Chelsea Day Spa

    Chelsea Day Spa has announced the launch of the INNOVO treatment which enables women to comfortably exercise their pelvic floor while still enjoying their facial beauty treatment. The boutique health and beauty spa is the first in the UK to offer the Innovotherapy treatment to women. Chelsea Day Spa uses INNOVO, a two-part garment attached to the upper thighs and buttocks. Innovotherapy sends targeted impulses via conductive pads to safely and effectively activate the muscles of the pelvic floor. The intensity of the impulses can be adjusted using a hand-held controller. The treatment was developed in response to increased awareness of pelvic floor health with more women becoming conscious of their pelvic floor strength. Pregnancy, child birth, menopause and exercise can all take their toll on the pelvic floor and often a weak pelvic floor can lead to bladder weakness. Innovotherapy is included as an option when having a Sensorial Revival facial (30min) for £55.


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