Lark & Berry’s piercing collections available in two new London locations

    Select items from luxury jewellery brand Lark & Berry’s new piercing collections are now available in two premiere London locales—The Alkemistry in Covent Garden and Urban Retreat in Knightsbridge. Both locations offer onsite piercing services, giving Lark & Berry fans too far from the brand’s Marylebone location the chance to sport the brand’s new cultured diamonds and stones earwear.

    Amongst Covent Garden’s collection of designer stores, boutiques and vintage shops, sustainability-minded shoppers will find The Alkemistry, offering some of luxury’s best jewellery. The Alkemistry has now added select pieces from Lark & Berry’s piercing collections to join its impressive product roster, and now offers customers an onsite, luxury piercing option. Popular culture magazine TimeOut noted the Covent Garden shopping experience as having some of “the best fashion, beauty and specialist joints…” in London. Details on piercing bookings can be found at The Alkemistry’s website.

    In addition to The Alkemistry, Lark & Berry fans can now find select items from the brand’s piercing collections carried at Urban Retreat in London’s exclusive Knightsbridge district. Urban Retreat offers a variety of beauty and spa services, health, nutrition and wellness offerings, alongside onsite piercings. Urban Retreat’s new home is a five storey 12,000 sq ft. residence called The White House, located on Hans Crescent and offers piercing services two days a week.


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