MONAT launches Restructuring Hair Care collection

    MONAT has announced the launch of their new Restructuring Hair Care collection, this new collection features four formulas and a unique new routine, specifically designed to target damage at the microscopic level and restore hair to a healthy, pre-damaged state. The reparative new regimen begins with MONAT Restructuring Pre-Wash Conditioner, followed by MONAT Restructuring Shampoo. This duo works together to cleanse, condition and hydrate the hair with reparative results, which it achieves by inverting the traditional wash-then-condition regimen in a process called the ‘Reverse Care Method’. Enriched with FIBER RESCUE and REJUVENIQE S activated oil, the Restructuring Pre-Wash Conditioner is applied as the initial step, in order to power up each strand before washing. High-grade natural extracts including marine botanicals and red algae coat each strand and form a protective net to shield hair from the friction caused by massaging and rubbing hair during shampooing. Hair is instantly moisturised and strengthened, prepping it perfectly for gentle cleansing with MONAT Restructuring Shampoo, a sulphate-free formula to further fortify tresses.




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