STAFFONLY launches new collection and appoints MAY Concepts

    Fashion brand, STAFFONLY has announced the launch of their  2019 S/S Collection as their designers’ attempt of revealing the crisis through their design, whilst exploring the way out. The design-duo try to recreate the moments of fragility, tiptoeing while self-analysis and sharing in the emotions anonymous meetings. This collection integrates a wide material vocabulary with intriguing textures, such as pre-shrunk wool and matt cotton. The use of functional fabrics, although making up a considerable proportion, goes hardly noticed in visual. Both hollowed-out waterproof fabric and the coating that’s unaccountable from distance are exquisitely integrated into the texture that only can be further interpreted and understood by close observing, touching, and better if tried on. Adding up the ambiguity, the choice of colours hint no absolute black and white but exude in explicit shades throughout the range. This marriage of faded tones with plausible structure strike precisely as a gentle defense and disguise.

    STAFFONLY has also appointed MAY Concepts to handle all PR and publicity.

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