News, alerts, events and contacts

    The essential tool for PRs and businesses that want media coverage, Fashion and Beauty Insight offers access to media intelligence and insights for the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries. Find out how Fashion and Beauty Insight can work for your business.

    Ideal for PR Agencies and Brands
    • Access regular journalist alerts sent direct to your inbox for opportunities to gain media coverage
    • Build relationships with PRs, journalists, freelancers, bloggers, influencers, creatives and contacts
    • Compile targeted contact directory lists using our contact export facility
    • Find creative contacts, including stylists and photographers to organise photo shoots and look books
    • Access the latest industry and media moves
    Ideal for Media Contacts, Freelancers, Bloggers and Influencers
    • Send free journalist alerts to request press releases, images, samples, comments, statistics or case studies
    • Access daily fashion, beauty and lifestyle industry news
    • Connect with brands and PRs to request press releases, images and samples
    • Access industry events, including press days, product launches, parties, exhibitions and fashion weeks
    Ideal for Creatives, Stylists and Photographers
    • Send free PR alerts to call in samples from brands and PRs
    • Connect with creative directory contacts to organise shoots and look books
    • Network with fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands to identify collaborative opportunities
    • Identify partnership opportunities
    Contact Search & Export
    • Our enhanced contact search facility enables users to narrow down searches by industry, category and field. Users can then save contacts to My Contacts before exporting into a CSV file for press release distribution or invitation mailouts, eliminating the use of inaccurate spreadsheets and databases.
    • NEWS – Access daily fashion, beauty and lifestyle industry news covering the latest launches and collaborations
    • ALERTS – Access journalist alerts for opportunities to gain media coverage
    • EVENTS – Access key industry event listings including press days, product launches, parties, exhibitions and London Fashion Week.
    • CONTACTS – Access 26,000+ fashion, beauty and lifestyle PRs, journalists, freelancers, influencers, creatives, and influential bloggers
    • EXPORT – Access live updated industry contacts which may be saved and exported into a downloadable spreadsheet for mailouts
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