The essential tool for PRs and businesses that want media coverage, Fashion and Beauty Insight offers access to media intelligence and insights for the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries. Find out how Fashion and Beauty Insight can work for your business.

    What does our premium subscription include? 

    • Daily Newsletter & Journalist Alerts – Delivered to your inbox throughout the day, keeping you up to date
      with the latest news & editorial opportunities.
    • News (inc. Contacts) – Submit news updates of your own as well as monitor new launches, PR
      appointments and collaborations, and opportunities to pitch your services
    • Industry & Media (inc. Contacts) – Updates of all contacts across the industry and media including print
      and digital publications, as well as PRs and freelancers
    • Events – Upcoming and historic industry events for forward planning and collaborative opportunities
    • Alerts – Over 25 journalist requests per week delivered to your inbox with details of the request, deadline
      and contact information to gain media coverage
    • Contacts – Over 30,000 contacts across both print and digital publications, freelance journalists, editors,
      PRs, creative’s, bloggers/influencers and retailers. Premium subscribers also have access to our advanced search feature which enables you to target specific areas of interest
    • Contact Export – Pin favoured contacts to build a personalised database which may be exported into a spreadsheet
    • Areas covered – Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Family & Parenting, Food & Drink, Bridal/Wedding, Sport &
      Fitness, Heath & Wellbeing, Travel/Inflight, Homes & Interiors, and Technology.


    Recent journalist alerts received from top tier publications, including national newspapers, weekly/monthly magazines, regional titles and online magazines:


    Industry & Media Updates

    Updates received from fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands, PRs and digital/print publications on a daily basis:

    Want to create your own mailing list?  

    • Create a personalised contact database by saving favoured contacts. These preferred contacts can
      also be exported into a CSV file for quick and easy marketing campaign mail-outs.
    • Saved contacts are stored within ‘My Contacts’, listed in alphabetical order stating job description
      and company connections.
    • Contacts can be exported quickly and easily by clicking ‘Export Contacts’ to generate a CSV spreadsheet containing: name, job description, email, telephone/mobile numbers, postal address, website URL, Twitter handle and areas of interest
    • Contacts may be quickly added and removed
    • Contacts are ‘live’ and automatically updated



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