Devance Cosmétiques launches in the UK and appoints PR

    French haircare brand Devance Cosmétiques has announced its launch in the UK and appointed Kay Flawless PR to handle its PR activity. Devance Cosmétiques offer a range of natural, organic and hypoallergenic hair products which cater for European, Mixed and Afro-Caribbean Hair. The products are intended for hairdressers to deliver premium hair treatments to their customers. There are five treatments available in powder form which when mixed with water produce translucent gels without dyes or fragrances, preservatives and surfactants. The treatments all follow the same method of preparation and must be diluted before application on hair, and professionally washed and dried. The preparation takes very few minutes and requires only a small container provided with the powders to be mixed with water. The treatments include: Moisturising for dry and brittle hair, Nourishing for curly and frizzy hair, Color-assist care for coloured hair, Restructuring care for overworked hair and Carefully smoothing for unruly hair. Presented in sachets of powder, the treatments will be exclusively available in UK hairsalons and mobile hair professionals.


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