Elizabeth Arden launches Ceramide Micro Capsule Skin Replenishing Essence

    With 30 years of leadership and awards worldwide for its capsule technology, Elizabeth Arden now introduces new Ceramide Micro Capsule Skin Replenishing Essence to rapidly revitalize fatigued skin for visible radiance, luminosity and clarity. Ceramide Micro Capsule Skin Replenishing Essence harnesses micro -encapsulation to once again provide the pure, potent and precise mono-dose formula deep within the skin, via microfluid technology delivery of Tsubaki Oil to moisturize and prep. Red Algae boosts the skin’s own production of natural moisturising Ceramides whilst finally Orchid Stem Cells help to revitalize the skin for visible results. An Essence is a concentrated prep step applied after cleansing and prior to a Serum. The formula is thicker than a Toner, but thinner than a Serum, but also holds similar Serum benefits to target specific skincare concerns whilst balancing and moisturising the skin. However, a Micro Essence has the ability to rapidly penetrate the skin deeply in order to deliver a more precise dose of the formula. Orchid stem cells* help to revitalize fatigued skin and are sustainably farmed by extracting from Calanthe, a rare Japanese orchid. These Orchid Stem Cells are unique due to their capacity to regenerate the whole plant. Red Algae to soothe, replenish and support the skin’s own production of natural Ceramides, therefore boosting the skin’s natural moisturisation capabilities. Micro-Encapsulated Tsubaki Oil Ferment is encapsulated one microcapsule at a time, through precise microfluid technology. It delivers precious lipids to moisturize, whilst and preparing the skin to receive the rest of the skincare regime. Key benefits include visibly improving skin texture and clarity, improving skin’s radiance and luminosity, enhancing skin’s natural production of moisture boosting Ceramides, a water light and fast absorbing formula and prepares the skin for further skincare. Priced at £45/ €55 (90ml). Available beginning April 23rd 2020 in department stores exclusive to ElizabethArden.co.uk.



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