Femcare brand Yoni launches in the UK

    Revolutionary organic cotton femcare brand YONI believes all women have the right to know what they are using between their legs. This is why Yoni is launching its range of top quality, 100% organic cotton, biodegradable products in the UK that contain no plastics, perfumes or hidden chemicals in a move that is challenging the existing major supermarket brands to reveal what goes into their products. Yoni is on a mission to revolutionise the femcare industry. It is the first femcare brand to ask why brands don’t openly communicate the synthetic ingredients in their products. The average woman will use 10,000 sanitary products in her lifetime, but at present, there are no regulations for femcare manufacturers to list the ingredients that go into their products. Strange, given the fact that the vagina is one of the most absorbent parts of a woman’s body. That’s why with Yoni, what’s in the box is on the box. In 2011, after a cancer scare, a specialist advised Yoni CEO and co-founder, entrepreneur Mariah Mansvelt Beck, to start using organic cotton tampons and pads. This was the first time she’d ever thought about her sanitary choices and she discovered that most brands found in supermarkets and drugstores used synthetic ingredients that go into producing tampons and pads. She and her long-time friend Wendelien Hebly started doing some more in-depth research and learned that not only are many tampons and pads made from synthetic materials, containing plastics and perfume, but that there are also no specific rules or legal requirements when it comes to listing ingredients on femcare packaging.

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