InStyler introduces new recycling program

    Hair styling tool brand InStyler has announced the introduction of its new recycling program. Electrical waste is one of the fastest growing wastage sectors in the world. In 2018, the amount of worldwide e-waste hit a record high of 49.8 million tonnes with only 12.5% of this being recycled. InStyler is committed to doing its part to help the environment. Not only are their tools 100% recyclable via an e-waste facility, the brand’s new recycling program allows you to recycle your working and non-working hair tools for free, regardless of the brand or where you bought them.  Simply complete the online form for instructions on how to recycle your product. And to thank you for doing your part, once your tools are received, InStyler will email you a 35% off coupon to use towards your next purchase of an InStyler tool from InStyler.co.uk. With more heat than ever on the beauty industry to become more sustainable, ensure you are leading the way to reduce your eco-footprint with the help of InStyler. Additional information on the InStyler Recycling Programme is available at www.instyler.co.uk/recycling-program-form. InStyler tools are available from www.instyler.co.uk, www.boots.co.uk and www.amazon.co.uk.


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