Love Luna UK launches and appoints Nobull Communications

    Launching in the UK in December, the Love Luna range, available at Tu.co.uk, features two collections of period briefs and underwear, designed for wearing in your period. The Love Luna Period Briefs range features three different designs, suitable for women of all ages. The BIKINI BRIEF, with its soft lace trim, offers moderate to full bottom coverage, while the MIDI BRIEF with its mid-rise fit and full bottom coverage is ultra-comfortable and perfect for teens. Completing the collection is the super-soft cotton FULL BRIEF, which provides maximum coverage –  ideal for night time.

    Every pair of Love Luna Period Briefs features four layers of protection, which can absorb 15ml of liquid, equivalent to 2-3 regular tampons.

    • Layer one: A delicate cotton lining close to the skin offers maximum comfort
    • Layer two: An absorbent and breathable two-way stretch layer catches unwanted leaks
    • Layer three: The waterproof layer protects sheets and clothing
    • Layer four: A soft cotton or microfibre outer layer* looks and feels like ordinary underwear.

    *The bikini and midi briefs are microfibre and the full briefs are cotton.

    They have also appointed Nobull Communications.


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