Ojamin launch Ojamin Capsules

    June sees the launch of Ojamin Capsules, in time for National Diabetes Week. The capsules are aimed at maintaining daily wellness in diabetics and those seeking a natural, healthy supplement. The ingredients in Ojamin Capsules include aloe vera, basil, beleric, bitter melon, cumin, gooseberry, bael, haritaki, fenugreek, java plum, neem, okra, turmeric and watermelon seeds, which all play a part in maintaining wellness, thereby encouraging longevity and illness prevention. The raw ingredients are sourced from forests in India. MedTate’s patented RareXtract technology ensures that only the purest and most potent nutritive properties of the herbs and fruits are extracted resulting in an efficacious capsule, providing all the nutrients and benefits of the original Ojamin Herb & Fruit tonic. The tonic is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians.  Ojamin Capsules are available to purchase from online and selected other outlets. RRP is £29.99.


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