Plant-based vegan beauty brand #LikeItOnTop launches

    Where everything is ‘Made with Love’, it’s time to get down and dirty with #LikeItOnTop, the latest fun-filled plant-based skincare brand that gives your skin all the satisfaction, without the environmental impact. It’s witty and pun-based offering is completely vegan and plant-based but pumped full of guilty, dirty pleasures without compromise on effectiveness or results. Borne out of #quarantineboredom and riding the wave of increasing veganism and flexitarianism amongst millennials, #LikeItOnTop is the one-stop shop for vegan beauty modelled on tongue-in-cheek innuendo. #LikeItOnTop uses 100% natural, organic and vegan ingredients so that you can also manage your personal skincare journey in a natural way. With a growing social media following, in under one week since launching, #LikeItOnTop fans are reaching a new climax with the brand’s selection of facial oils, cleansers, toner, body scrubs and body butter. The brand’s #skinpositivity ethos is based on changing the way that you see your skin, instead of focusing on changing the appearance of your skin. Happiness isn’t about focusing on how good your skin looks each day, but appreciating the skin that you have and working out a targeted skincare routine that works for your own personal skin concerns. Feeling confident on the inside means that we can also feel confident outside – so that you ALWAYS #LikeItOnTop. #LikeItOnTop launched in June with prices starting at £12.75. Available online at www.likeitontop.com with worldwide shipping.


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