Ruth Tomlinson launches a unique collection with GEMFIELDS

    Designer, Ruth Tomlinson, has announced the launch of a unique collection with GEMFIELDS. Drawn to earth’s most unique and natural treasures designer Ruth Tomlinson is renowned for a celebration of unconventional beauty; spotlighting the characteristic individuality of each hand selected stone. Compelled to explore this narrative further, Tomlinson partnered with GEMFIELDS; the world’s leading supplier of coloured gemstones, to create a truly unique one-of-a-kind collection, launching this November. The limited edition collection, entitled JARDIN features exquisite GEMFIELDS Emeralds, which Tomlinson selected for their other-wordly inclusions that occur naturally in the mineral composition of the stone; and makes each specimen that displays this “garden” of inclusions entirely unique.

    The collection launched on November 21st exclusively on www.ruthtomlinson.com



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